Forget Me Not | Britney Spears 2000’s never goes away

Forget Me Not | Britney Spears 2000’s never goes away

Welcome to our first “Forget Me Not” Fashion journey to the past!

Grab a Pepsi and a straw in honour of the 2000’s pop icon Britney Spears. Push play while we take you on this journey with the timeless princess of pop.

Britney started her career in 1998 and the whole world went literally CRAZY with her memorable hits, sweetness, unique talent and her delicate and sexy spice.

Inspired by her we choose some items that will want you to go back in time. Let's start!

This off-shoulder denim jacket is perfect to show your sexy side without showing off too much -– the pop princess secret!  




How about a sweater to warm up the fall? Match it with a plaid mini skirt. Spark your college girlie and sexy spirit! In no time, you will be signing baby one more time again…



There’s nothing more Britney than a mini skirt… pearl appliques are  the details that a Britney fan will definitely want to wear


Britney's charm + sexy appeal were a statement that started trends that are present until today, metallic colours are one of them. In videos like Crazy and Born to make you happy, we see how she started this fashion hit that is still alive.


To complete your 2000's look you can rock with an outstanding metallic leather jacket. The perfect option for going out!

If you like Britney’s style you must take a look at this tee. Super comfortable, romantic and young.




And last but not least, we are in love with this belt, the transparency and the heart buckle is everything we need to make a real Brit #throwback.




So nostalgic!

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